Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use

Privacy Policy

At “Later Glory Evangelical Music” we are committed to maintaining your privacy. To ensure your privacy we abide by all applicable laws, rules, and regulations and encourage our users to do the same. LGEM does not sell, lease or exchange our customer’s personal data to third party companies without obtaining your consent, unless required by law or to protect your member status.

Your information and the data we collect from our other users are most commonly used to further create a secure, personalized environment and improve the experience of our users as well as provide aggregated benchmarking data to the community of LGEM users. We reserve the right to use your information anonymously for publishing comprehensive studies to the public, for personalizing our marketing services and to otherwise help promote LGEM. We are committed to protecting all data and personal information submitted by participating companies and your individual data will never be used for any other purpose than benchmarking or as stated above.

If you join LGEM through a third party or through a link to a partner page on LGEM we may share your information with the company that you joined through to help them better understand your needs, alert you to problems, and generally provide you with more custom services. For instance many SEO companies already have access to your analytics and if you sign up through them we will continue to provide them with the relevant analytical information about your company to allow them to continue to provide you with their services. If you were not providing them with your analytic data prior to joining LGEM, and you join through them, we may by default provide them with your information. If you’d like to opt at of this and not share your data with any third-party providers either sign up directly through LGEM (and not a partner page) or contact us at and we will provide you with other options.

Please note our website may contain links and advertisements from third parties. LGEM is not responsible for the privacy practices of other parties and would like to remind you to research and investigate said parties before disclosing personal information with third parties. Additionally, LGEM is not responsible for the privacy of information that members voluntarily disclose publicly which includes avenues such as online message boards, chat rooms, file uploads, events etc.. We have no control over and take no responsibility for the use, storage or dissemination of such publicly posted information. Share such personal information at your own risk.